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In Kids Farm we focus on three important factors i.e. Safety, Holistic development by nurturing mind, body & soul, and developing hobbies in toddlers are exposed to creative learning environment coupled with physical activity and one hobby class every day. Our entire campus is covered under CCTV coverage with all required safety arrangements for kids. Apart from school we do provide services like Daycare, Hobby classes like Karate, Painting, Dance & more.

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Water pool

We have a strictly monitored & safe water pool for our little ones. We use fresh clean water everyday in our pool so our kids can have all the fun while staying safe.


arts & Crafts

By giving an opportunity to your child to embrace his artistic side we make sure your creative kid will love exploring the many ways to express himself & will improve his personality.


Seasonal Events

Although there is so much happening on daily basis We do organize various events like potluck, art festival, dance & drama, picnic, traditional events & festivals.


Sand pit

Playing in the sand can be a great opportunity for children to have fun. Whether shaped into castles, dug, dripped, sifted thus offering endless opportunities for fun and learning!


field trips

Field trips are not only lots of fun but they can also be very valuable learning experiences for young children. We take them to places like Zoo, Garden, Grocery store, Library etc.

puppet show

Puppets are the perfect tool for capturing the attention and imagination of young children. We also allow children to make their own paper bag puppets, stick puppets etc.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Kidsfarm for providing my son a home away home to facilitate his growth and development.
Rasika Jain

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Common F.a.q

Our environment and curriculum reflects the natural needs of the young inquisitive mind of the child. We have a child-centric approach which helps the child to give meaning to their world. Our trans-disciplinary approach caters the need of the individual learning style of the child

In Kids Farm we focus on :
Safety and security of our kids, Holistic Development of Kids by nurturing their Mind, Body & Soul, Developing Hobbies in Kids, Thereby supporting their developmental efforts to the fullest of their potential.

– Hygienic and clean environments.
– To help toddlers initiate in the readiness language Skills, phonics program for school level.
– Comprehensive reading and writing readiness program.
– Emphasis on creative arts like, Music, Dance, Art & Craft etc..
– Field trips and Visits to places of cultural, historical and environmental interest.
– Active Parent involvement in the growth of the child.
– A place to develop skills, concepts, positive attitudes and values.

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